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Is it appropriate to post a link that kicks you right back to me? I wonder if there's a blog police that finds this kind of post unacceptable? In all seriousness though... Here's the big news:

I'm absolutely thrilled, excited and honored to announce my partnership with LatinLife.com and join a group of passionate professionals using their voices to inspire and empower our generation and the Latino culture. I am incredibly grateful to the team at LatinLife for their support and belief in Love As A Lifestyle. Together I know we will do incredible work!! 

Read about it here! Meet Yareli: Love is her Lifestyle

LatinLife is proud and excited to partner with Love as a Lifestyle founder, Yareli Quintana.
Yareli is a first generation Mexican-American born in a small Northern California town. Raised in a loving, close-knit family, she has always been a free spirit and a firm believer in being authentically you.  In addition...

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