Meditating in 2019?

Are you new to meditation and trying it in 2019? Do you mediate already? Is there a particular style you enjoy or that works best for you?

I’m curious because as a Meditation Instructor who primarily works with beginners, I’m seeing a rise in curiosity around mantra based meditation and loving-kindnesses meditations. Also, as I’ve started sharing the meditations I created for the beautiful @core_wellness Mindful Moments Deck (pictured), I’ve had many students request simple guided meditations that can be done during lunch breaks, at a desk, or during the school day.

I often hear students say something like, “I started doing my own research and was overwhelmed so I gave up.”

Two things: I understand. And you’re not alone.

There’s so much out there: Mindfulness, Vipassana, Zen, Meta, Vedic Mantra, Tonglen, Kundalini, Kriya Yoga, Gratitude, Compassions Cultivation, Body Scans, Open Monitoring, Affirmations, Visualization and so many more. It can be a lot to sift through, especially for a beginner.

I’ll be honest, I love teaching all of these different styles but I also understand that when getting started we need something simple, approachable, and effective.

So, tell me… What are you looking for in your personal meditation practice? Would be be interested in short guided meditation breaks or are you more of a traditionalist?

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