Meditation: Understanding The Process

Look, you're right. It's not always easy to sit in silent meditation. It's also not easy to face your thoughts and feelings, followed by the work it takes to clear the gunk between you and your highest potential. 

Judgements, fears, attachments... Let's be honest, letting go of internal roadblocks takes work! Meditation requires determination, consistency, patience, discipline, and a lot of self-respect. Sure, there are days you'll find yourself struggling, resisting, telling yourself you know better, listing reasons you don't need it, and searching for excuses to quit.

Your fear-based ego will test you physically, emotionally, and spiritually - all because it wants to stay in control of who you are. 

Sit. Breathe. Stay with it. 

Yes, you're going to get frustrated. 

Again, stay with it. 

Then, one day, just before you quit you'll feel it: a gentle pull inward. 

In this moment you’ll be reminded why you started in the first place. It will all make sense. 

In a split second you'll feel consumed by your years of hard work - successes and failures, dreams, desires - and as you take your next breath the weight of it all will float away.  

Finally, you'll surrender. 

An internal knowing will come over you and this moment will change your life forever. 

Don't be alarmed if you feel a heaviness in your heart or throat. Connecting with your intuitive self can be an emotional experience. Don't fight it. Be compassionate and breathe into it.

Roll your shoulders back, open your physical heart space, take a deep breath in and soak it all up. Notice your stillness. Feel the light within you and surrender to it’s guidance. This is where transformation happens.

Every time you return to this place of stillness you'll feel more like yourself. No longer suppressed, your authentic voice will grow louder and wiser. You'll grow stronger - mind, body, and soul.

You'll begin to feel more connected, capable, creative, compassionate, confident, and clear-minded than ever before. And if you continue to sit, surrender, and stay with it, you'll develop an unshakable faith in yourself, your abilities, and your purpose.

It’s during meditation that we learn that it’s not when we fight, but when we surrender to what resides within us that we rise.

With Love,