Mental Health Awareness Month - A Talk with David Lewis

Please take a moment to listen to this podcast episode about Mental Health.

It is Mental Health Awareness Month and to bring light to this topic I joined David Lewis on his podcast to discuss the stigma around mental health and provide some insight on how we can use holistic health modalities to help us through our healing journey.

During this interview I also share a bit of my personal story, struggles, and the ways that I found some relief and healing. My hope is that conversations like this one inspire you to seek help if you’re experiencing suffering of any kind. And if you are one of the lucky ones, maybe this episode will inspire you to share your compassion with others and illuminate someone’s day by simply radiating your light.

You’re not perceived as weak. You’re perceived as, actually in my eyes, more courageous because it takes so much vulnerability and self-knowledge and self-awareness to stand fully and say I need help.
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Reminder: if you or someone you know is suffering silently in any way, you are not alone. There is help out there and there are several things you can do today to aid you on your journey.