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Simple diet & nutrition,

empowering meditation,

meaningful relationships,

a purposeful career, 

self-care, + emotional,

physical, + spiritual well-being. 



For you

Are you ready to be healthier and happier? Are you ready to make the investment in yourself that will give back to you for the rest of your life? Is it time to finally live the fearless, confident, abundant life you've wanted? I believe it is, too! Whether it's your health, relationships, career coaching, or developing a deeper spiritual practice, we can work together to maximize your potential. Sign-up for your free consultation and finally take the first step in living a life you love!

your community

Are you a school administrator, non-profit, or community center seeking a simple, effective way to empower your community with powerful health and wellness programs? Are you seeking a partner that's committed to your cause and can customize a program that's specific to your goals? Are you seeking a mindful leader, to lead a speaking engagment, motivate your team, or inspire your audience? If so, I'm the partner for you!

your company

Seeking a program that's on-site, on-budget, on-time, and tailored to fit your company's needs? Are you searching for a way to improve employee loyalty, boost creativity, productivity, lower stress, and improve overall health and well-being? Are you ready to commit to your team in a way that benefits them inside and outside of the office for years to come? If so I have pop-up wellness workshops and 30 minute guided meditation classes tailored just for you!

book yareli for 

+ Private Holistic Health Coaching

+ Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Classes

+  Group Workshops

+  Speaking Engagements

+  Meditation Classes

+ Mindfulness in the Classroom

+ Wellness Career Coaching

+ Mantra, Movement + Meditation: A Pop-Up Yoga Experience


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