Give Love

To some, the thought of giving can be scary or bring up financial insecurities. How do I Give when at times I struggle to make it myself? That is a question I hear a lot! When you choose Love as a Lifestyle, you can Give Love in several ways that are not monetary. Broken down, to Give Love is to be kind, considerate, thoughtful and helpful whenever you can. You can Give when you choose to compliment a friend, take time to send a Thank You note or email, share words of encouragement, donate time to a charity, or something as simple as offering to walk a stranger's grocery cart back to the store as you arrive and they depart. In life you get what you Give, and if you go about your day radiating Love, then the energy around you stays positive and Gives back in miraculous ways. Choose to Give however you can, but do it. You will find that when you Give Love, the positive energy you share circles back to you. If you practice this daily, even in small ways, you will begin to shift your thoughts, perceptions, and release judgements. Slowly, you will rise through the Love you Give.