Mindfulness In The Classroom

We believe mindfulness is the most valuable tool in our wellness toolbox, which is why we are thrilled to share Mindfulness In The Classroom with you! 

Mindfulness In The Classroom is an eight week program designed to introduce students and educators to a steady mindfulness meditation practice. Over the course of the program, students and educators are guided through a unique curriculum which goes beyond traditional breathing exercises to included mindful breathing, mindful communication, and mindful eating. Additionally, Mindfulness In The Classroom also guides students through lessons on self-compassion, compassion for others, loving-kindness in the classroom, and loving-kindness in the community. 

The experiential program engages students and educators while providing the necessary training to continue Mindfulness In The Classroom exercises once the program is complete.

Please take a moment to review student feedback in the slideshow presentation below.



Program Highlights

Daily Mindfulness Exercises - Compassion Cultivation for Self and Others - Loving Kindness for Self and Others - Daily Gratitude Exercise - Intro to Mindful Eating - Intro to Foods that Feed the Brain - A Holistic Approach to Mindful Learning.

Yareli Quintana Teaching Mindfulness In The Classroom

Mind + body Benefits

Increased Focus and Attention - Increased Calm - Increased Confidence + Self Awareness - Improved Communication - Stress Reduction - Improved Social Skills - Lowered Anxiety - Increased Student Engagement - Increased Compassion in the Classroom - Increased Compassion for Community - Improved Sleep.

giving back

Mindfulness In The Classroom has trained more than 1,200 students and educators, but we have a long way to go. Our goal is to make Mindfulness In The Classroom accessible to students on every campus.

If you would like to sponsor a campus and gift Mindfulness In The Classroom to students in need, please contact us to learn more about our current sponsorship program. Thank you.