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Love yourself,

do what you love,

give love, & radiate

love around you

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Practicing Love As A Lifestyle by Yareli

By now you've probably heard me say that Love is my lifestyle, and I'm guessing you'd like to know what that's all about. Well, I'm thrilled you're here and I'm more than happy to share. 

Practicing Love As A Lifestyle has been the single most rewarding gift I've ever given myself, which is why I'm committed to share my lifestyle principles with you. Love As A Lifestyle is a measurable, transformational practice that can help you find your purpose and thrive in your limitless success. 

There are countless benefits to practicing Love As A Lifestyle. Here are just a few:

  • fearlessly embrace your talents
  • clear negative energy
  • broaden your awareness
  • improve your relationships
  • open your heart and mind
  • unveil your authentic self
  • improve self-esteem
  • release judgement
  • release fear
  • embrace your limitless potential
  • improve your mind, body, and spirt connection
  • learn to love yourself, do what you love, give love, and radiate love around you every waking moment of your life!

If any of these resonate with you, then I hope you'll keep reading. 

Understanding Love as a Lifestyle

Love As A Lifestyle promotes personal development, balanced health, empowerment, giving, spiritual growth, positivity and enlightenment. When you practice Love As A Lifestyle you choose to see the Love in everything and everyone without judgement and without fear. You see the good, the positive, the proverbial light in every given lesson, circumstance and moment of your life. This continued practice helps you evolve emotionally, physically, and spiritually while empowering you to improve your relationships, career, health, and accept yourself for who you really are.

Practicing Love As A Lifestyle

When you choose Love As A Lifestyle, you begin to see Love differently and appreciate what may have been overlooked before. Love, in this case, is not romantic love, but the inherent Love within you, your conscious, the positive voice inside you. Over the years you might have collected fears in form of self doubt, financial insecurity, health issues, relationship failures, career failures, etc. If you've experienced any of these, you've probably questioned your potential, stressed, and ultimately developed more fear. In committing to Love As A Lifestyle, you learn to transform fearful thoughts into positive thoughts, rebuilding your confidence level, and ultimately removing the roadblocks that stand between you and the life you've dreamed of living. 

If you practice this enough, with guidance, commitment, honesty, and vulnerability, you begin to peel away the layers of fear and allow your fullest potential to shine through.

Fundamentally, it comes down to the choices you make.

Every thought you think, every action you display, every choice throughout your day has an impact on your life. With practice of Loving thoughts and actions, you begin to experience positivity, giving, personal development, balanced health, compassion, kindness, spiritual growth, and peace of mind. You let your heart and inner voice guide you to open up and receive all the wonderful gifts life has to offer. 

There are two key areas of concentration when practicing Love As A Lifestyle: first, Love Yourself and second, Give Love.

Love Yourself

In it’s simplest form, to Love Yourself is to take care of who you are. It's about being authentically you without hesitation and without any fear. To Love Yourself is to be the best version of yourself, to allow yourself to grow, to put yourself first, and allow yourself to enjoy your life. It's about taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions and letting go of the past so you can focus on maximizing today. 

When you Love Yourself you are prepared to deal with whatever life throws your way because your mind, body, and heart are working at their fullest potential for your greater good. You practice balanced health to prevent illness and stress, you let your guard down and acknowledge your talents, and you release meaningless self-judgements. To Love Yourself is to stand confidently in the strength of your own self Love. Only when you Love Yourself can you really begin to shine and attract those who will appreciate you for who you really are. Loving yourself is about honoring your truth.


Give Love

To some, the thought of giving can be scary or bring up financial insecurities. How do I Give when at times I struggle to make it myself? That is a question I hear a lot! When you choose Love As A Lifestyle, you can Give Love in several ways that are not monetary. To Give Love is to be kind, considerate, thoughtful and helpful whenever you can. 

You can Give when you choose to compliment a friend, take time to send a Thank You note or email, share words of encouragement, donate time to a charity, or something as simple as offering to walk a stranger's grocery cart back to the store as you arrive and they depart. In life you get what you Give, and if you go about your day radiating Love, then the energy around you stays positive and Gives back in miraculous ways.

Choose to Give however you can, but do it. You will find that when you Give Love, the positive energy you share circles back to you. If you practice this daily, even in small ways, you will begin to shift your thoughts, perceptions, and release judgements. Slowly, you will rise through the Love you Give. Look inside yourself and allow the compassionate nature within you to guide your way.