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Mindfulness in the Classroom

I'm thrilled to finally have the opportunity to share the launch of my new program, Mindfulness in the Classroom. Mindfulness in the Classroom is an 8-week program that will launch in San Jose, California. Mindfulness in the Classroom guides students and educators through an empowering mindfulness practice for 20 minutes a day, two times per week. 

Mindfulness, a type of breathing exercise or meditation which cultivates awareness of the present moment, is more popular in education today because of its benefits and approachability. With relatively new findings to support the practice, we now see how mindfulness can positively impact student health, improve retention and productivity, and also how mindfulness has the ability to cultivate compassion.

In addition to providing students with measurable mind-body benefits, this practice also has the potential to positively impact the classroom by lowering stress for educators, increasing awareness, improving communication, and promoting a kinder, more compassionate environment.

The Mindfulness in the Classroom curriculum is unique in that it also includes mindful eating, mindful listening, mindful communication, compassion cultivation, and loving kindness exercises. 

To learn more about Mindfulness in the Classroom please contact Yareli at