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What All New Moms Need To Know About Food

Being a new mom could be one of the most beautiful (and stressful) times in life. Now, I say this without experience, but before you run away let me tell you I am a new auntie and although not the same, I am a very involved one.

My sis and I are very close, and in my eyes she's the best mommy in the world! I see how difficult it is to juggle a new baby, a hubby, work, house duties, a semi-active lifestyle and she somehow does it without skipping a beat. I'll be honest, there are very few that can do all of that with such poise and grace. 

In any case, the one thing we talk about often is the questionable info on the web about food and specifically what foods are healthy for her family. With a new baby, she is very mindful about her purchases at the grocery store, the reality about processed foods and she's even incredibly knowledgeable about GMO's and their potential affects on my adorable nephew, Malcolm Alexander. 

The purpose of this chat is to help moms, especially new moms and mommies-to-be, navigate the food landscape and make healthier choices for themselves and their families. 

I applaud all of you supermoms out there that take time to learn and grow with your loved ones. The very fact that you care enough to join a chat like this speaks volumes about your dedication to your children and the well-being of your family! 

I can't wait to chat with you soon! WithLove, Yareli


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